Megan Merchant's work in the fitness industry emanates incredible originality and creativity. 

Len Kravitz, PhD
UNM Coordinator of Exercise Science, National Fitness Hall of Fame

Megan shares her enthusiasm for teaching fitness, the theory and application of exercise science, the promotion of health, appreciation for learning, and zest for life with her colleagues, students, and all others whom have the privilege of coming in contact with her.  She is committed to improving the health and wellness of all citizens local and afar. 

Dubra Karnes-Padilla
Former UNM Valencia Fitness and Wellness Center Manager

Megan's passion for her work is exemplary - it comes through clearly in her writing.  Furthermore her passion is matched by a high standard of excellence and integrity, making her a dream contributor to any educational publication.  From diligently citing research to posing important questions on relevant topics, from providing solutions for common concerns to inspiring new ways of teaching, Megan's work continues to be essential to the reputation of MyGroupFit as a leader in fitness education.  

Saralyn Ward Ciolek
Former Brand Manager, MyGroupFit.com

From participants

Levity and the Viennese Waltz
I am amazed at how you can immediately connect all of us to each other through movement.
Fabulous!!! I am eager to hear more about dance and movement!
A bevy of resources and experience!

Dramatic Transformation
Simple and effective: the audience were reassured that we have it all!
I am a klutz but you made it easy to move.  Thank you!
What a great start to my day; I really enjoyed it.  Thank you for the encouraging movements.
Fantastic! Very funny - I love the sprinkling of dark humor.
Very engaging and wicked fun!

Megan is a true professional. Her ability to instruct and connect with everyone regardless of their physical ability is outstanding!
- Laura Johnson, Fitness Professional