Dramatic Wellness combines group lectures with easy movement so all adults can receive phenomenal life results through an uplifting experience, incorporating simple yet effective techniques designed specifically for your wellness desires.
After reviewing the services below, contact us for a complimentary consultation to answer your needs and exceed your goals.

Dramatic Wellness offers comprehensive lifestyle courses for groups, such as:
  • Active and independent seniors in retirement communities
  • Corporations, both for employee wellness and enhanced customer service relations
  • Educators in public or private schools wishing to improve self and student wellness
  • Churches and organizations wishing to enhance group cohesiveness and community wellness
Because of the health-related nature of content and the need for participants to self implement and self coach what is learned, participants are preferably ages 18 and above.  Ages 12-17 are allowed with a supportive adult guardian.

introduction and future needs
It is recommended that hosts first offer the "Dramatic Transformation" introductory course.  A single host reserves a location, date, and time and informs their community to attend.

After the "Dramatic Transformation" introduction, perhaps your audience wants to learn more about enjoyable movement, nourishing food habits, social success and community building, or stress reduction and time management?  

We provide an audience survey at the end of each course to reveal your group's needs.  After reviewing this feedback, the host may select 2, 6, or 12 additional courses at a package rate that are uniquely designed to exceed your audience's wellness goals.

course inclusions
Every Dramatic Wellness course is 90 minutes in length and includes:
  • A live presentation
  • The option for slides and music
  • An activity handout for every audience member (up to 50)
  • 60 minutes of content
  • 30 minutes for audience questions
  • An audience survey
charitable option: FUNDS for your cause
Dramatic Wellness is presented to large groups because the host not only impacts multiple lives by offering the course, but the host can make a profit for their cause.  Contact Megan to learn more about offering Dramatic Wellness to change lives and generate funds for your organization: dramaticwellness@gmail.com.
transformation: AN introductION to Dramatic Wellness
This course reviews the TOP simple and effective personal strategies you can start TODAY to create huge life change.  This course is frequently updated as new science emerges and includes, but is not limited to: stress reduction and prevention, time management, quality sleep, nourishing nutrition, enjoyable activity, social success, loving self talk, and more! 

DW nourishment: Food BASICS
Dramatic Nourishment highlights key nutrition areas that help you thrive in selecting food choices: total intake, portioning and moderation, variety, quality, indulgence, and more! 

Additional Nourishment Courses!

  • Food Trend Truths
    • Proteins, sugars, shakes, fats, seeds, and more: how can you choice when to follow the latest food fad?  This class will arm you to be in control of your grocery dollars and buy the food trends that have your health in mind.
  • Drinks Galore! Water to Wine
    • Revitalizing... Refreshing... What is the difference to your wellness between indulging in tea, coffee, alcohol, dairy, juice, water, and more?  Leave this class with options for how much, when, and what to drink, both for hydration and enjoyment!  
DW Enjoyable activity: MOVEMENT BASICS
Dramatic Movement reveals how anyone can activate the potential of your body.  A lecture-based course that demonstrates with only the use of your hands (audience participation simple and optional), learn to engage your wellness and movement pleasure through the concepts of body parts and body connectivity, rhythms and tempo, spatial awareness, and activities of daily life.

Additional DW Movement courses incorporate the techniques above to build wellness through improved posture and eye contact, exploring dance history and music variety, and incredibly fun socializing:
  • Merengue and Salsa: Creating Community
  • Swing, Swing, Swing: Easy Energy
  • Disco and Hustle: Crazy Fun for Stress Release
  • Tango and Paso Doble: Power and Confidence
  • Foxtrot and Viennese Waltz: Elevate and Inspire
DW Blissful rest: Sleep basics
Dramatic Rest explores the science and easy techniques that answer a wealth of sleep questions.  How much sleep you should get each night, or each week, at each age?  Should you sleep quietly or among noise, alone or with others, in lightness or in dark?  How do you recharge during the day, refocus when deprived, and improve your individual sleep quality?  Uncover tips and secrets to begin your most blissful sleep cycle.
DW consultation
  • Does your group have a particular event that would be enhanced with wellness courses?
  • Do you have a unique wellness need (food, sleep, stress, communication) that requires a specially designed course?
  • Do you have questions about the services listed above?
Schedule a complimentary 15-minute conversation with Megan to see if we can provide the solution to exceed your needs.  

Please send to dramaticwellness@gmail.com:
1. your name and title or organization
2. your best contact phone number or email
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Megan Merchant holds a B.S. in Dance and M.S. in Physical Education from the University of New Mexico (ACE/AFAA GFI, ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist, CPR/AED).  She has trained adults of all abilities and backgrounds over her 17 years of group instruction in the southwest US, including older adults in clinical settings, expectant and new parents through fitness facilities, and young adults at the university level.

Her passion to share dance with adults new to movement, and to integrate wellness strategies that enhance all areas of one's life, led to the creation of Dramatic Wellness: providing quality tools and experiences specific to each unique wellness desire.