A "Sensual" Wellness Activity for a Unique YOU

Hello, beautiful readers!

Before you go your next movement class, job interview, wedding day, and ANY activity that requires you and your body to be fully present, take 15 minutes to do the following.
  1. Go to a comfortable location with a pen and paper.
  2. Take few deep, slow breaths to relax and calm your mind.
  3. Visualize the sensations that make you feel most alive, most loved, most well. 
  4. Start writing!  Without self-editing, whatever "loves" and joy that comes up, capture your thoughts on paper. 
  5.  If a thought arises about something you dislike, explore and write about the opposite.
Some considerations:
  • SIGHT: Colors, brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights 
  • TOUCH: Temperature, textures, materials, flooring, clothing, bedding, pressure, proximity 
  • SMELL: aromas, odors, air, perfumes, nature, cooking 
  • TASTES: salty, sweet, savory, sour, umami, bitter, refreshing, surprising, bursting, soothing 
  • SOUNDS: gentle, percussive, fluid, tense, relaxing, uplifting; music genres/eras/artists, pitch, tone, melody, volume...
You can begin vague but add depth and detail.


If two people both say "I Like Rain" 
I can share my version of "rain" 
and they will may say
That's It! OR That's Not It!

Because one descriptive person might truly mean THIS 
"I love a gentle rain, the tiny patter of drops on the window in near silence and I sit and gaze at the moisture rising from the heat on the ground, and the sky is a gentle hue of blue melted by wisps of soft white and grey clouds...." 

And the other descriptive person means THIS 
"I love rain that explodes from the sky as I stand on the middle of an empty road, the pressure pounding down on my body and seeping through my clothes!  I feel massaged to my core, energy bursting in reply through my hardened muscle tone as I cry out open-mouthed toward the thick, dark sky in the pitch black of night, thriving when a sharp burst of a lightening at my feet jump-starts my soul..."


Rain is not simply rain, is it? 
And YOU 
are a person with details
and all your loves and preferences 
combined into a unique YOU.

The more specific and detailed you can express yourself in words
The more specific and detailed you can express yourself in movement
and then YOU will be expressed 
in every motion
in every moment!

YOU will bring 
expression and depth
to the world.

This activity is your sunrise

Good morning, my friend.
You have embraced YOU, and now the world can embrace You, too.

Dramatic Wellness,