Today is a Game You can Win: WE are the Reward

Driving to work at UNM, I felt overwhelmed to draw awareness to two natural occurrences:
1. The tendency for us to easily follow as we leave adolescence and transition to an adult, and
2. The need to reveal the invisible walls we place around ourselves so we are less limited.

So when I arrived at UNM Ballroom, I wrote these words on the board:


Everyone sat in one a two rows, both rows facing the board.

I explained how the last five weeks, we have enjoyed a peaceful and celebratory union.  One leader and everyone with the freedom to contribute, lead, follow, or simply watch.  As a United Nation, there was support, resources, and overwhelming guidance.

But today: we divide into states of birth.

Every student counted of "1, 2, 3, 4" and was assigned to either "Disco 1", "Disco A", "Samba 1", or "Samba A" groups (aka: States).  They were given three minutes to share their strengths in their State, which included 1. relationships (each other), 2. resources (wifi), 3. knowledge (class experience and journal notes), related to their state of Disco or Samba.

Then all groups rose and had five seconds to choose a "Quadrant" of our United Classroom; large blue mats divided the room in a cross (horizontally and vertically) so four floor sections were visible.

Now within their quadrant, each group had 3 minutes to discuss there dance style and share words related to that dance.  Then three minutes to put together an 8-count phrase of that dance style.  Then a few minutes more.

What happened during this time?

Eye contact

Everyone then was asked to grab their pens and papers and move toward the center lines, and privately and confidentially write down the "self-talk" in their minds throughout the experience.

Love, or hate?
Faith, or fear?
Excitement, or anxiety?  

What do you say to yourself when your leader leaves and you enter a new experience?
Are YOU ready to rise up?

The stronger your knowledge, resources, and relationships are within and around YOU, the stronger your family, your community, your state, our world.

The truth of dance is not in your ability to follow, but in your realization that YOU decide how much to learn, write, watch, experience, teach, share, and MOVE.

May your mentors walk behind you, as you find your place on your journey.

And I asked them if anyone had crossed the lines to communication with another group.  

ONE student out of 32 cheered out: I DID!

The walls were invisible.  
Class was just a game.  
Our states were always united.

Reveal the Invisible
The more possibilities you envision beyond your own boundaries, the more possibilities there are for us all.

I see a world full of dancers. 
Self-responsible, self-loving, contributing, dream-seeking, goal-achieving.

What do you see?
What do you do?