Hopeless to Hopeful: Elevating Dark Moments

This post is not about the many causes of Depression, or the quick guide to seek treatment with modes such as therapy, medication, and exercise (for highest outcomes).

These are Dramatic Wellness tricks for elevating heavier moments.

1. Be altruistic, because inner peace is created by doing loving things for others.  The size of these acts covers a huge range but the smallest acts bring elevation.  Make eye contact and smile at a stranger, donate a can of food, check on a neighbor: share what feels best for you.

2. Touch.  Hygiene to personal space has made us decrease contact with one another but we were meant to touch and be touched... this is partly why we own so many pets, comfortable clothes, and stuffed animals (snuggle, snuggle).  Bring touch back to one another: give anyone today a high-five, try a social dance class with simple hand holds, and lean in and snuggle back up to your family and friends.

3. Move with positive music which touches our brain through our heart (rhythm and tempo), our mind (words and lyrics), and our emotions (instrumentation).  Turn OFF dark, angry, and anxious music because it turns equal thoughts, emotions, and sensations ON: oh my!

Visit Spotify for a Hopeless to Hopeful Playlist that strengthens my heavier days.

Please share in the comments: 

What brightens your life?

BONUS Trio: Look up, Stand up, Open up.

We need your Light.

XO - Megan