Three Tips for Voting with Wellness

For a dramatically well voting experience, consider these three things:

1.  Candidate Selection without Bias:   Did you ever receive an email and the misinterpret the emotion behind it?  Written word takes on the tone of our own mind, not always the tone of the author, and just as likely body language and gestures can all interpreted in our frame of mind.

WHAT TO DO:  Look at each candidate and vote option from a point of fact (objective) rather than opinion and emotion (subjective).

2.  Question with Equality: if we start with our own preferences, then next we unconsciously seek out the information that supports our preference.

WHAT TO DO:  Equally ask the same question of both candidates, such as "what is their factual position and plan for environmental health?".  For bonds, what are the facts of this funding cost and distribution if I vote For versus Against?

3.  Innocent until Proven Guilty:   Especially in the days before Election day, anyone can say anything about anyone, and claims rapidly becomes global.  Does this urgency sway your research?

WHAT TO DO:  Seek to check if a claim has been proven, and consider through what process.

Hope for the Future

We all serve each other.  From love.  With love.
And it starts with You.

Happy voting!

- Megan