Oct 24, 2016

Life Mastery: You CAN do ANYTHING!

This six minute video below was my first Toastmasters speech I gave last week, 
so I wanted to share the last time I practiced before presenting.

My goal? DO NOT CRY, haha!  

Not just three but over a DOZEN random physical milestones have hit me between 2000 and today, but I'm STILL striving.  

Dance, connecting with each other, total wellness: these all make life worthwhile!

Wake up everyday and give EVERYTHING all you have!

Brush your teeth?  Best brushing EVER!

Eat breakfast?  Most nourishing food YET!

Getting dressed and ready?  Look your BEST!

Will I keep getting better at speaking?  ABSOLUTELY!

Want to join me at Toastmasters?  Message me today.

In all things: STRIVE.

Love and light,
- Megan

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