Hands to the Sky. Poetry from Dance

Tuesday, September 20 was a particularly emotional Ballroom class at UNM.  Before the last dance, I shared a piece of my health story.

So many people have issues in their lives.  Relationships.  Work.  Resources.  Stress.  Religion.  My health has always been... complex.

Five years ago I asked my dermatologists and eye doctors to monitor a spot on the tissue in the corner of my right eye.  Six months ago, my eye doctor said "Wait...  How long has it been like THIS?" meaning that the spot now extended throughout my lower eye lid.  I did not know...

So they referred my to a surgeon and said to take care of it within six months.  The eye surgeon was retiring, but he said "Get in to this doctor.  Email.  Call.  Get it done in three months.  Top of the list."

I was able to see this doctor within two months, and he asked me to schedule surgery asap.  He said if it was positive, I would have to go to Denver or Philadelphia to see the top doctors in ocular oncology.  I went upstairs and sat in the surgery department awaiting that schedule.  They brought me in and offered a date the very next week.

But the date of that week was tricky... seriously tricky.  I had my first recorded interview for a Fitness show.  I had an Open House for new students at a facility I adore.  I had my first conference presentation.  We planned to take our daughters to the State Fair.  And all that took place first.  One more week.

The day before surgery, September 20, I asked my friend and pro photographer to come in and take pictures.  I wanted to capture my students joy.  My students bravery and courage.  My students trials, success, and laughter.  And that I had waited one more week to savory this last moment, together.  Dancing.

For our very last dance, I shared the above story.  I promised to be back the next week.  I thanked them for dancing, no matter what.  No matter what.  And then we waltzed.  (Private clip, recreated October 14).

The next week on September 27, I came back to Tuesday class.  We had a strong class; we danced more, learned more.  It would be nearly three more weeks before I found out my pathology results, and they waited with me.  Dancing.

And one student turned in this...

Dance makes you vulnerable.  
It makes you honest.  
It heals you.  
It inspires.  
It progresses your life, and carries you through the scary times.
And whatever you may choose to do, like become a phenomenal poet, life is deeper.  Richer.

The pathology report came back.   Negative.   No cancer. 

Hands to the Sky

Thank you to all my students, doctors, friends, and family.  

Thank you, LaBlast Fitness.

And most of all, thank you for sharing your poem Richard Eckert.

YOU ALL inspire the world.

- Megan