The J-Curve: Falling before Rising

Go ahead and google images for the "J-Curve".  Used in learning to leadership, employment to grief, the model is based on the reality that in all things: a period of failure comes before success, or you fall before you rise.

And, it's ironically true.  A rare mom absolutely adores the nine-month route through pregnancy before giving birth.  A rare entrepreneur enjoys market research in the pursuit of giving the world an innovative product.  A rare person jumps for joy at the end of the first week of an exercise program in dreams of reaching an ideal fitness level.  Remember that "end goal" part...

Today the J-Curve is hitting me twice: starting a business, and cancer.

On the occupational side, anyone who has ever started a business can relate to the grind of hours, weeks, months, and even years required to create a viable "plan".  What is my brand?  What is my niche audience?  What are my exact products?  How should I market?  What are my expenses and revenue sources?  As a teacher, I want to shout "Let's get on to TEACHING!"  But I task it out, one bite at a time, and keep pointing forward.

And on the physical side, this summer a routine eye check up became "You need to see a surgeon within six months."  Which led to a meeting with the best eye surgeon in NM, who was retiring and referred me to top surgeon #2.  Which led to more waiting for an appointment and when it arrived, he said "You need surgery as soon as possible."  Which led to surgery last week, and now we wait for pathology results.  This is not my first bout with cancer; I followed the same experience with thyroid (malignant) at 19.

  • If it is not cancer: the worst is over, woop-woop!  
  • If it is cancer: DEEPER J-CURVE!  Things will get worse before they get better.  

It's the faith that things will curve, that things could get better, that drives us to change.  Or in this case, seek treatment.

In the short-term fall of the J-Curve, I rely on my Dramatic Wellness strategies to bring light: enjoying peaceful nature walks, moving and growing with my students when teaching, making time at home cozy with my family, learning new things from positive books and podcasts...  Everyone is different or maybe we are similar: I would love to know what makes you Dramatically Well!

My girl reading me a story post surgery = feeling lighter and brighter!
Having had cancer at 19, I struggle with the long-term.  Since then, life literally and gratefully comes ninety days at a time from the pharmacy.  I have unconsciously been living a 90-day plan: What can I do within three months?  Who can I help within three months?

My today goal is to shine more light on that upward part of the J-Curve which most often extends beyond 90 days.  Please email me if you have this part nailed down in your life! :D  As a start, my new vision board this week reads:

Together.  Beyond 90 days. J-Curve.

XO - Megan