Q and A for Partner-Free Dance at OASIS!

What if you could meet your instructors, make friends, and ask questions before committing to a new class?  

This was the WONDERFUL event OASIS Albuquerque hosted this week to introduce their Fall 2016 class line up!  Over 200 guests came by to meet a sample of presenters in various topics, including their NEW Health and Wellness course programming featuring SIX new LaBlast "Partner-Free Intro to Dance" classes:

A sample of questions from attendees:
  • What do I wear?  Low tread sneakers and your normal comfy attire!
  • What music do you play?  From traditional to popular, ALL artists and genres, AND if you bring in a song, we can show you how to dance to it!
  • Where are classes held?  In the main lecture room of OASIS, located just West of Carlisle off Menaul.
  • What if I have two left feet?  If you walked in this room, not to worry, you have one left and one right foot. 
  • What if I have never danced before?  PERFECT!  Classes are designed for absolute beginners.  We start with no music, clapping basic rhythms, and moving in place, then build up.
  • What if I danced for years?  PERFECT!  Classes include demonstrated variety to get the fitness and knowledge you seek.
AND the deep-felt question that keeps people away:

What if I fail?  

And so commenced the 15-second one-on-one tutorials in any style they desired.  
There is nothing like overcoming doubt then DOING, and YES, they ALL succeeded! 

What if YOU succeed?

Have more questions?  Email me today at megan.lablast@gmail.com
so you can come dance with us at OASIS this fall! XO - Megan