Psychological Wellness: Enhancing Fitness Programs... and Michael Jackson?

This past weekend it was my honor to present on the topic of "Psychological Wellness" at the Albuquerque Strength and Conditioning Clinic, held annually for fitness professionals and interested public at the JCC of Greater Albuquerque.

With research from more than 25 sources ranging 200 years, participants in my 45-minute presentation received knowledge and techniques in five Dimensions of Wellness.  We also did the Wave, learned Salsa Dance in 15 seconds, and considered "What if Michael Jackson was our training client?" (attend my next live events and read on for those perks!)

Dimensions of Wellness models range from 6-8 parts of your life that accumulate into each unique person.  BUT use the model in reverse: is WHAT you do in your life, such as your fitness program of choice, supporting your wellness?

1. Emotional Dimension: Does your fitness program feel great, and at all times?
2. Mental Dimension: Does your fitness program educate you?  What are the thoughts your program creates in you about own abilities, success, and growth?
3. Social Dimension: Does your fitness program allow time and opportunities to meaningfully connect with others, such as your trainer and fellow clients?
4. Spiritual Dimension: Does your fitness program enhance your greater purpose?

Then I revealed how to create YES responses in these and more wellness dimensions in ALL fitness programs.

As a person seeking wellness, you can find activities or programs that compliment your needs:

  • Emotional: Do you want to feel challenged, energized, or relaxed?
  • Mental: Do you want to learn about yourself or a skill, or follow guidance?
  • Social: Do you want to workout alone, with a group, or be part of a team?
  • Spiritual: What physical abilities do you need to achieve your life purpose?
  • And much more!

So, what if you could enhance Michael Jackson's wellness?

Looking at all the wellness dimensions, from personal performances and candid interviews, perhaps he had huge strength in his life purpose (Spiritual), conveyed that purpose in his Emotional, Mental, and Physical performances, yet key negative Social, Occupational, and Environmental aspects revealed themselves in his music evolution, and those stressors ultimately compromised his overall wellness.

What if he had different social support?  Decreased occupational and environmental stress?  More quality recovery time?

Could a fitness program have supported these solutions? Absolutely.

This post is in honor of the fitness professionals and clients who strive for Dramatic Wellness.

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With love and gratitude,


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