Miami 2016 LaBlast Convention Highlights

Master trainers ready for a day of "Turn It Up" training and our first convention demos.

LaBlast Master Trainers receiving our official LaBlast jackets after our demos.
Thank you, Louis and LaBlast!!!

LaBlast LINE DANCE format revealed by Louis beside the beach: beautiful night!

After line dancing, CAKE CAKE CAKE!!!

One of the amazing LaBlast Pros, MaryBeth Rainey Castell (Ohio)

LaBlast Pro and beautiful soul Stephanie de Ortiz (CA)

Texas LaBlast Instructor and excellent Salsa partner, Alberto Ojeda

Hanging with East Coast LaBlast Pros Mandy Kuhn, Annie Hill, and Megan Cooperman

Louis' LaBlast SPLASH demo; poolside with LaBlast Pro Nic Perkins (CA)

Master Trainers at Louis' Birthday Bash and Awards Night

SE LaBlast Pro and "Comedian of the Year" William Mastriani

INTERNATIONAL!  Austrian LaBlast Pro Pierre Gider

"All About LaBlast" Serenade for Louis, created by Ohio LaBlast Pro Rebecca Chacko and support from Dana Corbet Tobias and myself: SO FUN!!
Shout out to LaBlast Pro Josh on the right: we love you and all you do!

Well-earned rest by our hard-working boss.
Nothing but love!  And maybe a little team mischief... ;D

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