A LaBlast Moment with Gabriela

Here is a moment from one of my wonderful UNM Aerobic Dance students (featuring LaBlast Fitness curriculum), who after only a few short weeks of class attended our April 18-19 "UNM Dance Fitness Clinic" with LaBlast creator Louis van Amstel.  

Check out their glow after ONE HOUR of dancing!

Gabriela's heart-felt and super fun account below of her experience with LaBlast, the partner-free fitness program that teaches you authentic dance, just had to be shared.  

Thank you, Gabriela!

On Saturday April 30th, I had the honor of attending Omega Delta Phi’s (ODPhi) 15th annual formal. ODPhi formal is unlike any other fraternity formal that I’ve been to because it is a multicultural fraternity, meaning it is rich in culture and proud of its heritage. The first part of the formal had some speeches from the seniors. Then one of the founding members of the New Mexico came up and spoke about how he founded the UNM chapter of ODPhi. After awards and a nice slide show, the real fun began. The dj played and we all danced.
            When salsa, samba, and cha-cha songs came on, I was able to use the moves from class to dance the entire night. I was even able to do some partner dancing, and each gentleman was really impressed with my dancing skills. Some were even shocked that I knew the steps and could do them so confidently. Once people caught on that I knew the steps, they taught me even more moves to add.
    This is when I realized how much dance plays a roll in our lives. It is something that unifies people of different cultures, and who don’t speak each other’s oral language. I am a big lover of music and dancing, but knowing the moves makes all the difference. Knowing the steps gives me a new confidence in myself. I ended up dancing for almost three hours non-stop to Latin American music, and I had the absolute time of my life. Talk about a cardio work out!  I am looking forward to showing off my moves at every opportunity I get. 

Keep up the wonderful dancing, Gabriela!  
We are so honored LaBlast enhanced your life: AWESOME!!!

YOU can join in and experience LaBlast: Watch for events with Megan here or message me!