Four Steps to Finding Your Tribe

A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. - Seth Godin

I've been in the fitness industry for around 15 years, passing through many locations, instructing diverse populations, always loving these people and places.  But over the past five years, I began witnessing colleagues really gravitate toward specific fitness groups: Les MillsBeachbody, Zumba, TRX, Crossfit... and I had huge envy watching them become deeply passionate and fully ingrained into these groups.  They found their tribe.

This finally happened to me at IDEA 2011 when I came across LaBlast Fitness.  The feeling of connection was so intense I thought "I have to find a FLAW with this program or I'm in it for life!"  Fast forward to today as a new Master Trainer and I feel very fortunate for my LaBlast family and experiences.

Photo by Basil Steele, University of New Mexico, 2014
This is the power of finding your tribe.  Your work turns to passion; you look forward to being involved.  Your tribe makes what you need to do in life (like being physically active) so much better.

How to find a Tribe that fits You

1. REALLY listen to yourself: what do you enjoy?  My husband loves cycling.  My sister found yoga.  My daughter's teacher adores her daily run.  And my friend loves her two daily hours at the gym.  I love dance but LaBlast also gave me variety, authenticity, use of my own music, the option to dance with my family and friends, and much more!

2. Trying A LOT of new and varied things.  Keep narrowing down who, what, where, and when might fit you until you strike gold.  You can browse the myriad of my blog posts on fitness trials I have had.  Around 2012 I enjoyed watching others enjoy Zumba, so a wrote an article and held a Zumba charity event for colleagues at UNM.  My husband still enjoys a few Beachbody programs we starting trying several years ago (and despite it not being my fit, those programs are REALLY fantastic!)  In 2011, I researched and practiced running to team up for a marathon but all of these activities felt unnatural.  In contrast, I really look forward to time I spend dancing LaBlast.

3. New tribes start everyday!  Among 6 billion people in the world, your tribe is either waiting for you or should be created.  In a very short time and now at 800 global instructors, our LaBlast tribe feels so happy that Louis Van Amstel took the time and effort in creating our program.  Other tribes are equally as grateful to their group innovators.

4. Be in more than one tribe, because: 

 A tribe is a group of people that share an occupation, interest, or hobby. -

Every tribe in your life will vary in the amount of time and level of interaction.  LaBlast is my physical activity tribe that grew to enhance my occupation, intellect, and more, but I keep jogging, meditation, strengthening, and self defense in my fitness routines.  My coworkers at UNM inspire me to strive higher for our students.  I have a group of mom friends that share parenting stories and emotionally support one another in beautiful ways once or twice a month online.  You can have more than one tribe in various areas of your life, such as your:
  • environment: your location and surroundings, home, neighborhood, community, state
  • career: your occupation versus your career and your finances
  • social relationships: your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors...
  • emotions: your feelings about actions, events, and life in general
  • spirituality: your positivity and/or religious beliefs
  • intellect: your education and ongoing pursuit to learn new things
  • physical body: your nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress, and overall health

Which tribes will you look for this New Year?
Wishing you love and happiness in all areas of your life!
XO - Megan


  1. Love this! Thanks for all that you do and for passing on your love of dancing this year.

  2. Thank you Jaime; you were a joy to dance with! Happy New Year and hope to see you in 2015!


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