Four Cs: Critical Principles within Dance Fitness

When the dance and fitness worlds collide, four beautiful principles come together!
  1. Comfortable:  absence of pain and distress, free of anxiety, feeling of ease and security
  2. Challenge: full use of your abilities and resources during trying but stimulating situations
  3. Compassion: awareness of the needs of others and a desire to alleviate a person's suffering
  4. Confidence: trust, faith, and self-assurance; a belief in your own abilities
What are the senses of comfortable challenges
  • Accomplishment striving and task completion
  • A pounding but slowing heart at the end of a journey
  • Heavy breathing but calm words of "Hello!"  
  • Reaching the final push or lift and striving a bit further
In aerobic activity, this is defined by being able to talk with single words yet you are breathing heavily during repetitive motions like walking, cycling, and swimming.  In strength training, it is the moment when you can perform one more exercise safely before you loose proper form from muscle fatigue during motions such as lifting and pulling. 

Reaching the CC level of intensity in both causes a safe overload: push your body to reach just slightly beyond it's capacity and doing so stimulates the body to grow stronger (muscle strength) and longer in capacity (muscle or cardiopulmonary endurance).  Pushing well beyond this limit at once can burn more calories but raises injury risk and requires a longer recovery period before the next trial.  Some activity is always better than none but I encourage you to give a bit more for greater results.

What do compassion and confidence look like?
  • Rising posture
  • Shining sweat 
  • Glowing yet lifted eyes
  • Radiant smiles
  • Open and welcoming arms
Compassion in dance connects instructors, students, and communities through movement and music.  When a group moves compassionately in sync; physically connects through eye contact, partnering or circling; or simply unites in a display of positive emotion; the experience deepens support, encouragement, and unity.

Confidence is possessing faith in the class you enter when you enter, and growing your confidence during big or small dance attempts will leave you with less fear in your life.  Turn your thoughts toward the similarities between you and other dancers: what is inside matters most, and what is outside becomes an aesthetic of diminished importance.  Engage in every challenge with a positive goal in an open heart and mind.  You will receive so much more.

Want to retain these principles?  A happy child can remind you.

Wishing you comfortable challenges filled with compassion and confidence!
XO - Megan