Response: The Secret Power Behind Commitment

Commitment is only intended action without response.  Response is the reaction or reply that gives commitment power.
  • Body Action: In movement, intended action requires the body's response.  The brain can cue "Gesture!" or "Travel!" or "Turn!" but relies on the response of the body to propel the action.
  • Relationships: Communicated intention requires the response of the other person to complete the loop.  A person can communication in a thousand ways "Let's DO ____!" but all stops without a reply.  The response will strengthen or diminish subsequent commitment.
The opposite of commitment?
  • An unmet high-five 
  • An email without reply 
  • A hug held with tension 
  • Waiting in vain

Powerful commitments are those met with response.
Wishing you the blessings of progress,
- Megan