Fitness Selfie: Taking Your Quick and Valuable Fitness Notes

Alright, worldly readers: You must take some pictures of yourself to monitor your progress on fitness goals.  Why?  Because they tell you where you really are right now.

Grab someone to take a load of pictures of you working out.  These images are like a mirror in motion and the purpose is not perfection.

Your fitness selfies should tell you:
  1. Is my form correct?  Snap the TV or instructor in the background to compare.
  2. How do I feel on the INSIDE: Stronger, Faster, Freer?  These are your goals.
  3. How does this compare to where I was a week ago and where I want to be a week from now?
Fitness pictures are both ugly and beautiful: you are working hard, dripping with sweat, breathing heavy, reaching to hit your mark.  But you are alive, thriving, and growing so view your pictures in loving ways.  Time is fleeting and precious.

Injuries and illnesses inflict a huge loss of hard-earned strength and stability.  Today I am three weeks back from a 3-month forced pause to overcome both so some May 2014 progress checks were needed while working out to P90X3:

Picture #1 Jump-Switch Lunges
Note: Progress to be had on speed and height

Picture #2 Twisting Lateral Lunges
Note:  Higher elbows, lower shoulders

Picture #3 Low to High Turning Lunge
Note: High moments, YAY, can I stay here a bit longer? ;D

A note on my workouts: As a full-time mom, almost always 30 minutes is all I or any working person can get in every day.  P90X3 accommodates my needs, creates results, and the instructor Tony Horton is hilarious which decreases the stress of the oncoming hard work.  Then if time allows my bonus cardio reward is LaBlast Fitness: dance, dance, dance, YAY!

Love yourself by working hard and progressing your fitness selfies, take the brief notes that will help you succeed, then get ready for improved daily workouts.

Life is a journey: have fun earning your fitness and those feel good remaining hours of the day.
XO - Megan