7 Weeks Post: A Nail Through My Foot

Dancing again today feels like a bit of a dream, a sense of delusion, and great excitement!

The past seven weeks have been filled with:
  • More doctors, education, and medications for my body than usual
  • Loads of pilates, ballet, mixed martial arts with standing weight on my left leg, upper body conditioning, and everything on my hands and knees and back that avoided harming the punctured right ball of my foot.
  • Dozens of tasks delegated and reorganized so nothing was dropped or left behind
  • More love, friends, family, and support than I imagined could be given
  • More reflection, insight, research, and work toward potential future paths
  • Inspiration from those in equal or worse situations who shared their rehab stories and tips 

The reality of using my foot again today was equally like this:

Jason Mraz: "I Won't Give Up" Official Video

Courage, determination, support, attitude, sacrifice, resources, and willpower are required when obstacles come knocking, or in this case, nailing.

Sending you love and support 
so we can ALL be on top of the world 
and keep going strong.