Why Everyone Loves Dance

 You can be any size, shape, race, gender, background, income, or education level: 
And Dance.

You can feel happy, sad, silly, serious, heavy, light, strong, free, high, or low: 
And Dance.

You can be anywhere, anytime, anyplace, with anyone, listening to anything: 
And Dance.

Your eyes open.
Your heart opens.
Your mind clears.
And you can BREATHE easier.
When you dance.

This is me, always thinking I can prepare and plan for it... so cocky.
But every day and moment will be different.

Start dancing and let it lift you up...

You can laugh at yourself

...and make lots of funny faces and silly movements

...LOTS of funny faces

Dance is for everyone, 
and loves you as you are.
XO - Megan


Photos courtesy of Basil Steele.