Thank You

Thank you for all the medical trials so when the time and opportunity comes to choose self-improvement, we value the cost of associated risks and possess the wisdom and bravery to make positive changes.
Every day is given physical, mental, and emotional value and meaning.

Thank you for ongoing years of hard work pursuing careers while supporting a family, for the internal passion and fire to work above and beyond every day before parenting begins, and a partner that does ten times more week and after week in support and love for this life and family.

Thank you for the freedom to choose who we give our volunteer time to and the wisdom to know when to stop.  Thank you for the increasingly steeply work ethic and drive of colleagues because only collectively can we achieve the highest change in the world.

Thank you for all the friends and family that give hard choices more clarity, sage advice, wisdom, experience, and research.  Thank you to those that make time to pick up the phone or respond to email because it is always important, and with excellent communication, outrageous wishes become realized.

Thank you for all the gifts from hard workers that enhance our ability to live: houses that are homes, heating blankets and fuzzy socks, water, food, transportation, everyone that keeps utilities and communities functioning, educators, pilots, photographers, customer service providers...  

We all benefit from your care and services each and every day: thank you.

Thank you for a new day to


Thank you.