4 Secrets to Beat Procrastination

Procrastination is not in itself evil, and bless the American Dream, it can even be slightly fun in the moments when all your work is complete and the choice is yours to be lazy for an hour or two.  But the events that evolve from putting things off that can be severely detrimental: low activity leads to lower energy levels, not speaking with family for years adds to depression, missing deadlines leads to higher occupational stress...

This cycle can easily be broken NOW.  Here's how:

1.  Take 5 minutes now to contact a family member or friend that you often find yourself wondering about.  These are individuals that would give you thoughts of regret if they passed away and you never said goodbye, you had a silly fight with at some point, or you wish to call but you also never pick up the phone to reach out to.  Ask yourself if not being in touch for the remainder of your lives is worth exchanging for a 5 minute phone call today: a priceless use of your time.

2.  Believe in yourself and your ability to be on time.  It's really that simple.  Procrastination can also occur from poor task prioritizing: easily fix this by writing a simple to-do list.

3.  Complete the valuable task another has been waiting for.  Write a list of immediate tasks that would make a significant impact on another: look at and talk to a child for ten minutes, spend an hour tonight on a family dinner rather than getting take out, complete a project a coworker needs you to finish.  Accomplishing tasks for others demonstrates you are the person others can rely on and wish to be around.

If you miss a deadline, tell others involved:
1. how much longer your portion will take to complete
2. if and how others can help you get back on track

4.  Make a list of things you are waiting for, and then ask for them.  Someone once said "Only ask of others what you expect of yourself."  If you accomplish #1-3, ask the same from others.  Inquire about their situation because perhaps you can offer help.

In the sad event you must be patient and wait for others...
Rather than dwell, go back to #1- 3 because there will always be things in your life to achieve.  Add to your list, enjoy the process of each task, and happily check them off when completed: productivity always feels amazing.

Wishing you a life of "I Did" rather than "I Wish..."
XO - Megan