New Home, New Job, New Life... Maybe

Our family has faced some major "potential" transitions in the year 2012.  Millions of US families are experiencing potential changes every day as well.

This morning as I struggled with my thoughts about this potential change, which has taken longer than the time required to make a child and for which we have completed every required task and are awaiting the employer's decision, these lyrics from Phillip Phillips song "Home" fill my mind:

Settle down, it'll all be clear.

Don't pay no mind to the demons
They fill you with fear.

The trouble it might drag you down
If you get lost you can always be found.

Just know you're not alone.
Cause I'm gonna to make this place your home.

For other families in transition, here are some POSITIVE statistics.

The NCSL, National Conference of State Legislatures, posted in Dec 2012:
  • "Unemployment continued to drop across the states, as 45 states and the District of Columbia saw their jobless rates decline in November 2012.  Unemployment rates remained unchanged in five states and Puerto Rico.   There were no increases in unemployment in any states in November.  That is the first month without an increase in a single state since the recession began in 2007. 
  • Job growth continues to fuel the recovery.  North Carolina added the most jobs, with more than 30,600 new positions, followed by Florida, with 24,500 new jobs and Texas, which saw more than 22,100 new jobs created.  Nevada continued to lead the states with the highest unemployment rate, at 10.8 percent, but that is a marked improvement for the state, which saw unemployment hovering near 15.0 percent at the height of the recession.  North Dakota again registered the lowest unemployment among the states, at 3.1 percent."
On the final business day of October 2012, the JOLTS, Job Opening and Labor Turnover survey, showed 3.7 million US job openings, with the affect of Hurricane Sandy on this study undetermined. 

In this new year, which job will you make your home?