On Grandparents: A Letter from Our Hearts

My Mom and I had the opportunity to give a collaborative fitness interview on FTNS.co this past week.  A mother of two, my mom later became a successful Real Estate broker and business owner, recently a collegiate instructor, and soon graduate of a Masters program; she is an inspiration to her friends and family. 

1980: Baby Me, Mom, Big Sister, Dad

Below is one of my mom's "Letters from My Heart." 
Enjoy; may you create and record memories with your loved ones today and every day.
- Megan

Letter from My Heart

"Dear Friends,
    As many of you know Mike and I are the proud grandparents of 6 children from the ages of 2 to 10.  We can’t believe how fortunate and blessed we are. They are healthy, and we get to see them often.
    A few weeks ago was Grandparents Day.  My grandmother on my mother’s side passed away before I was born, so I never got a chance to know her, but my Grandma on my Father’s side was a wonderful woman.  I often think about my Grandma and want to share some memories with you.
    My Mom and Dad farmed.  I was the youngest, and so when my mother worked along side my father in the fields (during Spring planting and Fall harvest) I would stay with my Grandma for a night or two each season.
    Every morning my Grandma would fluff her feather bed, which was no small task, as it was one large goose down mattress.  I have no idea how much it weighed, but it was heavy. 
   When I stayed with her I would sleep in her feather bed.  In the cool months, it was fantastic.  I would crawl into bed and snuggle down into the mattress.  It wrapped around me acting as a mattress and a comforter. 
    Every morning I would wake up to Grandma whistling like a bird while she fixed breakfast. She could have been a professional whistler...seriously. Think of the old Disney movies where someone is whistling a song. That could have been my Grandma.
    Grandma used to smile and wink  at me while she told me she drank coffee for the cream and sugar. You see she would fill her cup half full with coffee and top it off with cream and sugar. This seemed to be one treat she gave herself, because she was never overweight.
    Grandma always had a large pile of comic books at her house (probably donated from all my cousins) such as Superman, Spiderman, the Hulk, Millie the Model, Archie, Casper the Ghost, and so many more.  She would set up the card table in her little living room, put a blanket over it to create a cave-like atmosphere, give me a flashlight, and let me read comic books to my heart’s delight. 
    Grandma’s farm backed up to a timber. She would pack a sack lunch for my cousin and I to picnic in the “woods.” They consisted of baloney sandwiches, carrot sticks, cookies, and Kool-Aid in a mason jar.  Everything tasted great except the Kool-Aid tended to get too warm.  But what fun!
    Finally, I remember one Spring morning when Grandma took me outside to see her Easter lilies that were blooming.  As I think back, they must have had held a special meaning for her, but I never knew.  She was so proud of them and so pleased she could share them with me on that crisp Spring morning.
    So, to all the wonderful Grandparents out there. Thanks for great memories!

   In love and friendship,

In loving memory
Sue Merchant, 1953-2012
Thank you for my husband and family.  
Thank you for being a
phenomenal grandmother.
Thank you for being a stellar memory keeper
and memory maker.

 You will live in my heart and mind forever.
- Megan