My Dad's Advice: "YOU ARE"

It feels as though suddenly (at 32 years old) I am teaching university students in their first year and possible first classes in college, and I find my Dad's voice humming my ears.  When I was growing up, he would repeat this phrase:

"Look at this this way: 
You can be 21 years old with a degree, or 21. 
Either way, you're going to be 21. 
YOU ARE going to college."

My identity became tied to graduating college: "I AM going to be 21 with a degree." 
The what/how/when/where were minor checklist details because the commitment was set.

I AM grateful every day for the rewards of his statement.

I AM is the highest level on a scale of change and goal setting, above "I want to, I could, I plan to..."  

What are your I AM statements about your future?
Days continue to pass and you will be older: with or without regard.

Thank you for your words, Dad.