Choices, Choices, Choices for Wellness

A personal life balance is created by having a wellness system and understanding how you are meeting each of the items below on a daily basis.  Individualism is the ability to freely choose the system that will work for you (the examples below or your own). Self-empowerment grows by using your personal fluidity and mind set to change what is not working for you as soon as it becomes stagnant.  

It's not the thing you do that defines you, 
remember instead that it is the purpose for which you do or do not do the thing.

Examples: Yoga/Pilates, Dance, Cycling, Running, Sports, Gymnastics, Group Exercise
Purpose: Feel your best life

Examples: Water, Fruits, Veggies, Dairy, Proteins, Healthy Fats, Grains
Purpose: Nuture your best life

Examples: Hindu, Muslum, Catholic, Christian, Baptist, Methodist, Educators, Peers, Rolemodels
Purpose: Inspire your best life

Examples: Recycling/Consumption, Water, Air, Safety, Transportation, Medical Care/Prevention/Vaccination
Purpose: Free your best life

Examples: College, Career, Savings/Spending/Gift,, Susie Orman, Dave Ramsey
Purpose: Support your best life

Examples: Journaling your life, remembering those before you, meeting people that share your passions in all areas above
Purpose: Share your best life

There is a business concept that states the most successful organization is one that produces at the lowest cost, in the faster speed/shortest time frame, and with the highest level of quality.  How is the business of YOU?

 In the words of the Beatles, everything starts and ends with love;
love you and change the world.
XO - Megan