11 Random Fitness-y Things About Megan

Kymberly Williams-Evans of Fun and Fit tagged me on her blog back in (gulp) February of this year.  I saved it in my email for just such as an occasion as this, a fun spring activity for me, all the readers, and a required lucky other 11 tagged bloggers (hee-hee!).  Plus, I've gained a pound or two so maybe I need to remove the impending CURSE of this chain letter, argh!

Rules for Myself and Those "Tagged" Below:
  • Post these rules in your post.
  • Post 11 random things about yourself. (They do not have to relate to fitness at all)
  • Answer the questions set for you in the tagger’s post.
  • Create 11 new questions for the people you tag.
  • Go to the blogs of the people you’ve tagged to tell them they’ve been tagged.
  • You legitimately and actively have to tag 11 people. No saying “you are tagged if you are reading this.

Pass the chain mail love!
This took me a fun-loving hour; you can be competitive and beat that, or not.
I can't wait to read your responses (i.e. don't just be a voyeur).

11 Random Things About ME: But you should really read Kymberly's, so funny!

1. I enjoy wet climates but HATE bugs. Hence, life in the desert is the way for me!  Growing up in the desert may have led to my aversion to fish. Do you see an ocean nearby?  No...

2. I married young at 19 because we were just super lucky in love!  We wanted to get married six months later in January 2000, for some reason all the churches were booked...

1998 Prom. Aww...

3. Two common things I hear: "You look just like your picture!" and "Aren't you Mormon?" If it's current, why yes I do and No, that would be my husband's maternal family, my sister's family, and many of my close friends; they are sweet people!

4. In relation to #3, my kids say "Mom, could you put on your makeup today?" I reply "That's not very nice." They say, "No, you look fine, you just don't look like Mom."  Thank you Sephora for taking ladies up a notch!

5. My go-to binge food: chips.  Yes, I do feel mental peace of mind if they are loaded with fresh salsa. Yummy!

6. I am forever grateful for my first fitness role models Jane Fonda and Tamilee Webb. But even more so, I avoid complaining about clothing attire because I have never had to rock a thong and tights.  Also glad Modern dance became more popular than Ballet in recent years so I never had to rock a pair of toe shoes. Ouch!

7. Although I'm surprised I didn't have boys, I am grateful to have daughters; girls get to do EVERYTHING.

8. I cried when I turned 10 because I felt the fun years were over. Yes, childhood was that awesome (thanks Mom and Dad!)

9. I'm a morning person, as in a "don't-require-coffee/dancing-at-3AM" morning person.

10. Due to #9, don't bother me after 7PM.  Seriously.

11. If I could change the world in one way, I would eliminate air pollution and unnecessary trash.  Nature rocks; inability to breath is KILLER.

Fenton Lake, June 2012

Here is the set of questions for me from Kymberly:
  1. Favorite blog post you have written? Title and link please. "How We Saved for Our Dream Land."
  2. Why is it your fave?  Because we were at the end of it: sacrifice + time + hard work = PAYOFF!  Like a hot dress at the end of weight loss/body sculpt year, although that seems easier in comparison...
  3. On a 1-10 scale, 1 = totally a couch potato who never moves; 10 = ready for the Olympics, where do you rate your current fitness level? 6, A lazy maintenance phase. See my "gaining weight because of this chain letter curse" comment above.
  4. What annoys you most: bad grammar, bad punctuation, bad photos/images? Bad GRAMMAR. Mostly my own.  English was my worst subject; blogging is more forgiving than publishing and great practice! On a high note, I'm learning a foreign language and it's improving my elocution. May I post my responses in audio?
  5. What is the wackiest or lamest excuse you have ever used to get out of a workout? "If I don't post this blog, I'll gain weight!"  Also, "You are SOO not offering enough pay for me to teach that class." (But only in my head).
  6. What is the lamest or most outlandish excuse you have ever use to get out of a social event? Mommy duties. Frequently and truthfully. :D
  7. What is your preferred workout place – home, club, outdoors, in your dreams? Other? HOME! Although it would be nice to leave my sweat elsewhere.
  8. Favorite book that was turned into a movie? The Help was turned into a good movie.  I love all the Trump books, but Celebrity Apprentice does not relate well to the books.
  9. Favorite (or handiest) motivational quote? "I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see." - John Burroughs. NM Marketplace has a "Words of Wisdom" section that inspires me every month.
  10. What do you think “qi” means? I automatically think energy but was surprised to research that it literally means "breath." I need to update my head by attending Lawrence's classes during the next IDEA Convention!  Hey Kymberly, will IDEA have Qignition as well?
  11. What question do you wish I had asked?  Deep Thoughts: "What is the meaning of life? Who do most love and admire? What is your favorite deodorant?"

Questions for those I tag:

1. If you could change the world, what nagging thing you can't change would you start with?

2. What is your favorite active age when you were a kid?

3. What did you do then that was super fun and made it an awesome age?

4. What is your FAVORITE body part/muscle to strengthen and why?

5. What is your favorite tip from a friend?

6. What is your favorite workout song? Artist/Title (You Tube link, Bonus!)

7. What is the strangest job you've ever applied for (or done)?

8. How old do you think you will live to be and why?

9. What is the thing you love most about yourself?

10. What is a scary activity you promise to try in the next year and why?

11. What helps you sleep, or wake up (as the case may be)?

Tag, You Are IT!

* Tiffany Vranes: The Vranes Domain
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* Jenna Bell: Swim Run Bike Eat

Your Turn, Wah-ha-ha! XO - Megan


  1. Hi Megan: What a fun post! I also am impressed by your discipline in your Dreams post. Are you enjoying your vacation land? And yes, Qignition will be at IDEA presenting two QiDANCE sessions and competing in the Battle of the Dance Programs. I'll be at the Battle for sure! And you?

  2. I will be staff assisting but will try to make it one of the classes; what a fun dance program! See you soon!


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