What is Your "Philosophy?"

Have you ever written a personal philosophy?  Mine is under "permanent evolution" but here is a glimpse of it's current state:

"It is my duty as a citizen of the world:
  • To ask questions: Why are things as they are and How can they be better
  • To offer help and provide it when needed; to assist and support those I come in contact with.
  • Know my neighbors. I don't exist in a steel bubble, and neither do they.
  • To change a bad behavior I may have upon realizing I partake in that behavior.
  • To presents opinion with support of education.
  • That in the presence of new knowledge, I will forever strive to improve my choices, my behaviors, and my habits."
It is an assignment of my Health Promotion students at the university to develop a philosophy in regard to their career path.  If you had to describe yourself and your job, what would you say about the purpose and goals of your profession?  Some thoughts to ponder:
  • Why is your job necessary in the world today?
  • What is the definition and rationale for your career? 
  • What do you believe the goals of your career should be?
  • What are your future responsibilities to yourself and your community in your career role?
Now that you have that to ponder, sleep well! - Megan

Not sleepy?  Yep.  These thoughts keep me awake to...