Insanity Results!

The end of Insanity has come!  I hope my pros and cons help you in your fitness challenges, as well as my tip on regarding gyms in January at the end.  Here is Day 63 of 63: Fitness Test 5 compared to Fit Test 1. (Quick tip: Counting your Fitness Test reps is HARD.  If someone can watch and count with you, you won't regret the added help.)

Fitness Tests          10/11/2011                     1/2/2012
Switch Kicks         90 R, 160 BPM          100 R, 154 BPM
Power Jacks             52, 166 BPM               61, 154 BPM
Power Knees            88, 158 BPM           117 L, ? BPM
Power Jumps            50, 168 BPM               66, 175 BPM
Globe Jumps               9, 171 BPM            10.5, 170 BPM
Suicide Jumps           14, 168 BPM               18, 171 BPM
Push-Up Jacks          16, 141 BPM         32 Full, 150 BPM
Low Plank Obliq.     58 R, 157 BPM           63 L, 158 BPM

Lessons Moving Forward:
  • Here my first two blog links before starting this routine in October: P90X vs Insanity and "Am I Ready to Dig Deep?"  I did build up to 16 Diamond Jumps (4 sets of 4) with fairly good execution.  My Power Jumps and Knee Tucks were my greatest accomplishments as are my greatly improved HR numbers (above); planks and push-ups are things to focus on in this New Year, as well as a strength imbalance on my right side.  I notice my R hip and shoulder clicking and the migraines that disappeared on P90X were coming back as neck-tension headaches.  
    • Solution: The headaches sources are carrying my kids on my right side for 6 years and becoming an online Health Ed teacher with poor computer form.  One barrier is removed (growing children I must STOP picking up) and one is on my radar (computer form).  Time to straighten myself out again, yay!  I also never bought those new sneakers; time for some fun shoe-shopping!
  • My husband took my pictures the night of Jan 5, 2012, and when I compared them to my October pictures, they did not "blow me away."  The scale says I'm one pound up from my start weight (117 vs 116 lb.); my waist is smaller but thighs/gluts are bigger and stronger.  One pound doesn't sound like much but when my workouts are killing 1000 calories a day, a one-pound gain was a LOT more than 3500 calories of extra eating over two months.  I rocked the workouts when I did workout, but I didn't hit my stress and eating controls and therefore don't feel I truly earned the FREE t-shirt.
    • Solution:  I plan to study more on Sports Nutrition for Round 2 and watch that intake! The free jar of Rest and Recovery formula from BeachBody helped me through December but I was unsure about my protein intake.   I like Tony Horton's 90/10 rule: eat 90% clean and 10% discretionary; for my 1800 calorie diet this means 180 calories can be fun foods (mini candy bar, small brownie or cookie, salad dressing/dip with chip snack, etc.)   
    • What do you think?  When I otherwise maintained my ideal weight and am happy about my tests results, should I submit my pics anyway?
  • My 2nd half notes to keep the words "TEMPORARY" and "Breath Control" on my mind helped a great deal.  What I will do more of next time is carry those thoughts throughout the day.  I needed extra focus on seasonal depression, decreased walking due to cold weather, and not managing holiday stress as well as I could have.  As I read this now I think Insanity was my holiday rock, keeping me grounded, and everything else in my life was insane!
    • Solution:  Lists, lists, lists.  Prioritize my days, hit my top three tasks (if not more), and let go of everything else.  The conclusion of the December and a New Year week to rest/recover has given me a more positive mind frame on the experience.  
    • Add to your Insanity routine: One more week on the end of the program full of relaxation, mind-body activities, more healthy eating, and relentless self-love.

Are you starting the New Year right?
Share your tips "how" by commenting below; thanks!

Quick Tip:  What you see at gyms and fitness centers in January is not REAL!
Crowds full of good intentions and new goals flood otherwise balanced and calm facilities.  Focus on training at home two more months, then check out your local fitness center with a staff-guided tour in March for a glimpse of the real atmosphere.
Aim to make friends with long-term gym members that have fitness figured out.


  1. I have completed P90X (twice), P90X+ (hybrid), Insanity & now I've started P90X2. I'm down 139 lbs and I love these programs. They have changed my life.

    Take a look at my story:

    I'm proud of you and always excited to read your posts!

  2. Thanks Alex! I was thinking of you as I finished, you gave me a burst in those final two weeks, so inspiring! How did your Insanity end? Have you tried Asylum? We must keep in touch! - Megan


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