NEW Holidays Tips to Enjoy 24/7

Oh, no!  Are the Holidays stressing you out? 
Here are some EASY tips that will GREATLY help you enjoy this season:

1.  Hug, hug, HUG your friends and family.  Bring goodies to your neighbors and call those that are far away just to say "love you, thinking of you!"

2.  Smile everywhere.  Especially driving, shopping, and talking on the phone (they can hear it!).  It instantly lifts your spirit and that of those around you.

3,  DO for YOU before all others.  What I REALLY want to give all my friends and family is health and happiness, so create this first in yourself.  Lead by example putting you at the top of your list; workouts and healthy eating will make all year round more enjoyable.

4.  Have a giving plan for charities.  Keep small donations on hand for bell ringers to help avoid charitable-guilt.  I usually carry packaged food in my car console for those on the roadside, although I never open my windows with my kids in the car...

5.  Good-bye, Clutter!  I LOVE Oprah's saying "your home should welcome you" and too much stuff causes just the opposite.  Clean up your space so you are welcome in your home and feel doubly wonderful by donating items in your pantries for food drives, toy donations, old clothes, blankets, and coats to shelters and old towels to animal rescue centers. 

6.  "Fill your own well so your cup can run over to help others."  This quote from Gary Coxe sums it all up.  Once you are over-following with everything you want in life, you will have more than enough to spread around.

7. Write your Christmas Letter for next year NOW:  It may be the end of a long year and we can reflect on all the things we've done, good and bad.  But if you were to write next year's letter now, what would you include?  What would you remove?  Your thoughts manifest into your reality; have your wishes "locked and loaded" for the New Year!

Quote Source: Coxe, Gary. Don't Let Others Rent Space in Your Head: Your guide to living well, overcoming obstacles, and winning at everything in life. 2006 

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