Insanity Tests 3 and 4

Here are my Day 36 and 50, 25-minute Fitness Test results on Insanity! Today is Day 52 of 63, although it should be Celebratory Day 64 (and that makes me a bit sad).

I'm once again glad I decided to record my highest heart rates, only now it is because I've taken 12 "sick" days off: 7 when my girls had croup, 2 when my nose was cauterized, 2 when I had a cold, and 1 when I had company coming and needed to clean house.  When I read the "why" now, it doesn't seem so terrible.  My pedometer clip also broke, as well as our freezer (I canned 4 gallons of cherries to save them), and dryer (two days of laundry at other's houses, thanks Mom and Tiffany!).  With much additional holiday prep, I'm trying to tell myself "Yay for continuing!"  Right?  Not really, so here's the numbers:

Fitness Test Date     10/11/2011          10/25/2011          11/27/2011             12/17/2011
Switch Kicks         90 R, 160 BPM     102, 152 BPM      120, 165 BPM       128, 163 BPM
Power Jacks             52, 166 BPM       66, 153 BPM        54, 170 BPM         54, 165 BPM
Power Knees            88, 158 BPM     103, 149 BPM      103L, 155 BPM    105L, 151 BPM
Power Jumps            50, 168 BPM       36, 159 BPM        52, 173 BPM         61, 175 BPM
Globe Jumps               9, 171 BPM       10, 159 BPM        11, 168 BPM         10, 169 BPM
Suicide Jumps           14, 168 BPM       15, 157 BPM        15, 174 BPM         16, 167 BPM
Push-Up Jacks          16, 141 BPM       24, 141 BPM     F 26, 152 BPM      Full 15, Half 15
Low Plank Obliq.     58 R, 157 BPM    66 L, 140 BPM     55L, 155 BPM       54L, 152 BPM

How I'm feeling about it all:
  1. I have needed my P90X vs Insanity and "Am I Ready to Dig Deep?" blog reminders to keep me going; I still want to nail the "Diamond Jumps" and improve my fitness through these holiday/winter months.  I'm glad my numbers are keeping me focused, cause mentally I'm ripping on myself.
  2. I WANT that FREE t-shirt!  And I feel a bit insane about it.  I won a free jar of Rest and Recovery formula from BeachBody; it's much like Gatorade or Propel and has been great for, well, recovery.  I decreased my protein but was getting very hungry, so I'm slowly adding it back in until I feel balanced: not too hungry or full.
  3. I'm still taking notes on my workouts, thank goodness:
    • Workout #36, Fitness Test AND Max Interval Circuit: "Word of the day: TEMPORARY.  Stats: 1:31 min, HR over 160 for 42 mins, 1171 Cal per Hour, 64G Fat, 226 Max HR/150 Avg, TEARS at cool down: Did I just DO that?"
    • Workout #47: Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs: "Must workout 1st thing in the AM, Month 2 Max is LONGER (+1 hr), back twinges from more time on computer, R hip clicking, pedometer clip still broken, sunroom floor harder but mirror is WONDERFUL."
    • Workout #50, Fitness Test AND Max Interval Circuit: "CONTROL Breathing.  Stats: 1:31 min, HR over 160 for 19 mins, 1105 Cal per Hour, 61G Fat, 224 Max/146 Avg, much easier than 11/27, more control/focus/range/ability; no tears, YAY!  Right hip/thigh imbalance, stronger than the Left, must be extra careful on form.  More upper body and core strength needed to nail push ups/full planks.  In/Outs EASY."
  4. Since I took 12 days off, my Day 63 finale will overlap with Christmas break.  How will I complete all the final workouts?...

How are you managing your fitness with upcoming Christmas?

Let me know by sharing your comments below;
thank you in advance for your tips!


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