A School Snack for "Crazy Hair Day"

My daughter just had "Crazy Hair day at her school where all the kids make their hair, well, crazy.  It happened to be our day to bring in snacks for the class.

I have no idea why some snacks day at my daughter's school are so fun to come up with, but this idea just evolved.  At first I wanted to freeze bananas on a stick, dipped in peanut butter and then granola, but the thaw time for the banana and keeping it from turning brown and not falling off the stick became too difficult...

One of my kids' favorite snacks is from a friend that taught us about Disney "Princess Cookies," which are actually round slices of apple called Princess because of the star shape of the core in the center slices.  So great!  So I swapped the banana mess for apple slices, dipped them in peanut butter on one edge (a bit for "boys" and more length for "girls") and then dipped that into granola.  When you use natural peanut butter, it gets hard when cold and won't run, drip, or stick.  I hope you enjoy making this recipe with your kids!  (Or for yourself, why not have fun, too?)

Makes About 40 "Crazy Hair" Apple Cookies:
6-8 Medium Apples
1 T lemon juice or 3 T Fruit Fresh in 12 cups water
2 cups Natural Peanut Butter, softened about 10-20 seconds in the microwave
1 cup granola (we like Super Nutty in the bins at Smith's and Sunflower Market)
1/4 cup chocolate chips or raisins for eyes
1/2 cup cashew halves for the mouths


  1. Slice the apples 1/2" thick from bottom to top, discarding any seeds and stems. One apple makes 5-6 slices. Place the slices in the lemon juice or Fruit Fresh water for 5-10 minutes to prevent browning. Make the day of or night before to keep fresh. 
  2. Place the slices on paper towels; blot dry. 
  3. Dip one edge into the softened peanut butter and then into the granola for "Crazy Hair." 
  4. Place on a cookie sheet.  (I have a 9x13 with a lid, so I filled the pan, inverted the lid and filled the lid, then stacked a cookie sheet covered with plastic wrap over the entire thing to take them to my daughter's school without smashing any). 
  5. Dip the raisins/chocolate chips "eyes" and cashew "mouths" in a dab of peanut butter and stick them to the apple faces. (Next time I'm going to try putting peanut butter in an icing bag with a piping tip to make quick work of dotting all the apples and sticking on the faces; let me know if you try this and it works well.) 
  6. Refrigerate immediately until ready to eat.  Our class drink was Milk; yum! 
I need help thinking of a snack for her class on Tuesday, please send me your ideas!
The kids in her class have NO food allergies so anything healthy works for me.

Have a wonderful (and yummy) weekend!