P90X versus Insanity: Am I Prepared for Change?

My friend just lent me her copy of Insanity so I need to decide if this new program will be better than my current routine.  Here are some differences between working on P90X and preparing for Insanity:

  1. P90X is 3 months; Insanity is a shorter 2 months and 1 week.
  2. P90X videos are 60 to 90 minute videos; Insanity's are 30-45 minutes.
  3. P90X is 7 days a week; Insanity is 6 days a week.
  4. P90X has a great deal of equipment (weights, pull up bar, optional bands, yoga mat and block...); Insanity is mostly body weight training.  I'm going to get good Cross Trainer shoes, and a Plyo mat or good floor are a must.  I'll also get more mirrors to keep an eye on my form.
  5. My husband has set up a 3-month P90X strength circuit in the sunroom, which frees up the living room for my Insanity workouts.  We'll still be helping each other "rise and shine" early in the morning!
  6. When I did P90X I wasn't working and the kids were home.  Now that I'm back to work and have to get one kid ready and home from school and still take care of the other during the day, my schedule will appreciate the shorter routines of Insanity.
  7. I did P90X in two full 6-month circuits then intermittent with running for the remaining year.  I'd like to keep up on my cardio with new workouts, Insanity will cover that (and all while inside my comfy house in the fall!)
  8. Before P90X my doctor said my health was okay, then after P90X my blood tests were FANTASTIC.  I'm going to retake my blood tests before and after Insanity because the program requires it and the feedback will be priceless.
  9. I was one year post-partum and out of shape when I started P90X.  Now I'm three years post-partum, at a healthy weight, and have more strength and better posture than before.  I hope I perform well on the Insanity Fitness Test!  The Fitness Test is incorporated into the workout schedule so I'll have many attempts at nailing it.  If and when I do, it will be time to switch programs again anyhow...
I already asked myself the question: Am I Ready to "Dig Deep?" 
I'm hoping my "preparing-to-change" list above will help you in your journey to fitness.
How do you decide when to change things in your routine?


  1. I've done P90X and P90X+, tried insanity and it was just too high impact for my knees/joints but I that issue with P90X plyo. It's not for everyone.


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