Insanity: Day 15, Fitness Test 2

Here are my Day 15, 25-minute Fitness Test results on Insanity!  I'm glad I decided to record my highest heart rates; the differences are remarkable!  My pedometer number is the same, around 1400 for the fitness test, but it is 100 steps higher on repeat workouts telling me my movement quantity is increasing already in the 1st two weeks.  Yay!

     Fitness Test Date               10/11/2011              10/25/2011
  1. Switch Kicks            90 R, 160 BPM         102, 152 BPM
  2. Power Jacks                52, 166 BPM           66, 153 BPM
  3. Power Knees                88, 158 BPM         103, 149 BPM
  4. Power Jumps                50, 168 BPM          36, 159 BPM (better form!)
  5. Globe Jumps                   9, 171 BPM          10, 159 BPM
  6. Suicide Jumps               14, 168 BPM          15, 157 BPM
  7. Push-Up Jacks              16, 141 BPM          24, 141 BPM
  8. Low Plank Oblique      58 R, 157 BPM       66 L, 140 BPM

Here's how it has been going:

  1. I unfortunately neglected to take my pre-measurements, but my weight has stayed the same at 115 and my clothes are fitting loser around the torso and tighter on the shoulders/thighs.  
  2. I have not yet needed my P90X vs Insanity and "Am I Ready to Dig Deep?" blog reminders to keep me going; I'm actually having a great time!
  3. I'm on my way to getting that FREE t-shirt!  My cardiovascular fitness is improving faster than my muscle endurance is keeping up; I'm hungry for more protein and thirsty for more water.  
  4. I highly recommend taking notes on your workouts!  At the end of Month One I'll post my pedometer and highest HR #s for every workout.  Here are some example notes I've written these two weeks:
    • Workout #2, Plyometric Cardio Circuit: "Bad planks, tighten core, need better shoes, LOVE cross jacks, TOWEL required, will need to steam clean carpet..."
    • Workout #12, Cardio Power and Resistance: "Engaging abs more, core stronger, arms higher.  Floor sprints HARD on shoulders/HR; In/Outs HARD: modifying on knees or holding downward phase push up/triceps; ALWAYS wear shorts, hot!!!"
  5. I'm glad I continue to laugh and enjoy it all; you've got to retain a sense of humor when tackling a workout like this.  :D

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