Insanity: Day 1, Fitness Test!

Here are my Day 1, 25-minute Fitness Test results on Insanity:  I decided to record my highest heart rates and my total workout pedometer steps (1400) as well; more knowledge is power!
  1. Switch Kicks: 90 R, 160 BPM
  2. Power Jacks: 52, 166 BPM
  3. Power Knees: 88, 158 BPM
  4. Power Jumps: 50, 168 BPM
  5. Globe Jumps: 9, 171 BPM
  6. Suicide Jumps: 14, 168 BPM
  7. Push-Up Jacks: 16, 141 BPM
  8. Low Plank Oblique: 58 R, 157 BPM

This weekend I took my "before" profile photos which I'm saving for the LAST day!  If you submit your before and after result pictures, you get a FREE t-shirt!  As much as I'd like that to motivate me every day for the next two months, I've also got my two lists (P90X vs Insanity and "Am I Ready to Dig Deep?") as reminders of why I started at all.

I'm adding to my motivating lists:
  1. You only need to have your 1st day ONCEDiddo on the Fitness Test, and "before" pictures.
  2. My sister's best phrase, "You can do ANYTHING for 30 minutes."  She means work at high intensity, but think about all your daily stuff like taking a shower, sorting your mail, washing dishes.  You CAN fit in a 30-minute workout.  This applies to everything; I love it!
  3. FEEL Better, LIVE Better, and LOVE Better.  (Who doesn't want that?  Rock on!)
What fitness routine is getting you through the holiday months?