2 Steps to Being a Superhero

One thing all superhero movies have in coming are a hero that doesn’t want the job.  Frodo doesn’t want to carry the ring.  Spiderman wants to get married and settle down.  Luke just can’t find the force.

Heroes everywhere have battles they ignore, run from, or try to side step.
  • People are losing jobs and moving away, starting over.
  • People are trying to have children and finding they can’t.
  • People are going to war to fight for their countries and coming home changed.
  • People are trying to find purpose and joy in the things they’ve worked for that, in the end, are not what they thought they would be.

Briefly pause the chaos and look at your life from a different angle.

There are 168 Hours in One Week.
1. Take 5 Hours a Week to Exercise: 20-60 minutes a day and find your power.
2. Eat with Purpose: food entering your mouth should have a goal IN your body.

WARNING:   Those against you achieving the two steps above are part of the DARK side!

Make these choices daily and become the hero you were meant to be.
You will never regret the Light on this side, my friend.