Over 15 Items and Ideas for Fitness during Travel

It's time for summer vacation!  Here are the items I pack every trip to reach my daily fitness goals, boost my mental health, and keep my nutrition on track:

Record Keeping: Pedometer, Running Watch, Note Pad/Pencil:  My pedometer also has a clock so I can leave my watches at home.  The Running Watchis great for my training runs as it tracks the duration, speed and distance of my workouts and more.  I keep my note pad and pencil in my bag for monitoring my food, recording my workout progress, and journaling the fabulous memories during my vacation!

Hotel Room: Resistance Tube with Door Anchor, The Great Stretch Tubing Handbook:  These replace the need to find a weight room, I can fit in a workout from 10-60 minutes long in the morning, noon, or night, and they weight under one pound combined in my suitcase.  Awesome!

Hotel Pool: 2 Water Bottles, Swim Suit, Sunscreen:  If your swim suit is a tank and shorts, they double as workout clothes in a pinch.  The water bottles left empty and tightly-sealed create two dumbbells for under water (add water to the bottles to decrease the resistance/buoyancy of the floats).

Nutrition: Breakfast, Protein Powder, Vitamins, Snacks:  Packing your own breakfast is great if you have no idea what food to expect on your trip.  If you have a free hotel breakfast, hit up the milk section with your empty water bottles to make your protein shake post-workout.  If the complimentary breakfast is great, you can save your packed breakfast for a meal replacement if you are on the go later.  Also pack small, healthy snacks for every two to four hours to avoid excessive hunger and subsequent overeating.

Hotel Gym or Outdoors: Sneakers, Socks, MP3, GPS, Cell Phone:  I like to travel in my running shoes but pack sandals in my suitcase for the pool.  Bring double sets of socks; liners worn inside your cushion sockshelp prevent blisters from running workouts or excessive walking on your trip.  Load your MP3 with happy, inspirational music to put you in a great travel mode.  Try to research the area in advanced but a GPS is always handy for finding local gyms and parks in a new area.  I carry a cell phone in case I'm able to sneak off for a run in a new place and run into an emergency.

Relaxation: Inspiring Book or Fun Magazines:  Read these before bed or first thing in the morning.  It is vacation; hopefully you have a bit of time to read here and there!

For Kids: Pack some Travel Music to entertain your family on long car rides, and pack empty balloons or extra socks and this link for fun travel games.

Readers: What helps you meet your fitness goals while traveling?

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