My 5K Training: Day Ten

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Below is my Day 10 5k Training Run.

April 18: Rest Day, Clean House
April 19: P90X Stretch X
April 20: Run #10!

40 F
Sweats, Pant cover up, New sports bra from my friend (sweet!)

7000 Steps Total
5:30 AM: Levoxyl, Water
5:45 AM: 8 crackers, Water
6:10: 400 step warm up
6:15: 3.98 miles, 45:20 mins, Academy Trail
  5.5 mph up1 mile East
  6.5 mph flat 1.8 miles North (ab cramp) and down West
  Flat South, 2.8-3.8 miles
     9-10 mph 30 seconds sprints with 2.5-3.5 mph 1 min walks
7:01: 600 step cool down, 3 mph decreasing
7:10: Stretch
7:15: Oatmeal, Protein Shake, 1/2 vitamin (read below)

Notes to Self
  • Remember to pause Running Watch at stop lights.
  • I have not run Academy Trail since I was with my dear friend in November who recently moved but I visited the week prior to this run.  This one was for you, miss you and wish you well!

I received new blood work results on my Thyroid and Gilberts.
  • My kidneys are functioning better than average (could it be, exercise?) and all my levels were great except Bilirubin, which is always high from my Gilberts.  
  • I'm having early Neuropathy symptoms (numb fingers/feet, weakness).  Starting treatment is to watch for pinched nerves and see if it may be a Vitamin B deficiency.  I'm trying 1/2 kids' vitamins with iron; I can't take Adult because of my missing liver enzyme/protein from Gilberts, I feel too awful afterward, very counterproductive.  
  • Great to know my protein levels are perfect since I love my post-workout shake so much!
Readers:  How often do need blood work, and what symptoms bring you in to your doctor?
    Songs on My Playlist
    Black Eyed Peas, Pump It
    Tribute to U2 and Abba: Free
    Michael Jackson, Will You Be There (downhill run)
    Missy Elliot: Gossip Folks (sprints)
    Paula Abdul: Vibeology
    Nora Jones: Feelin' The Same Way (cool down walk)