My 5K Training: Day Nine

Sunday, April 17, 2011
Below is my Day 9 5k Training Run.

April 15: Drive home from Texas
April 16: P90X Yoga X
April 17: Run #9!

45 F and sunny, 5400 F altitude
Light shirt, white pants, 1 sock, gloves

6:37 AM: 400 step warm up with Yoga Sun Salutations
  Yoga Tip: Squeeze/contract gluts & abs tight to protect your back in Poses #2, 7, & 11.
                 Keep elbows in on Pose #6; I skip pose #9 and jump feet in from #8 to #10. 
6:45: 3.2 miles, 34:14 mins, 5400 steps
Soccer field x2, parking lot, Flat x2, Down, Up
7:20: 800 step cool down, 3.5 to 2.5 mph decreasing pace
7:30: Home

Notes to Self
I caught a talk show conversation on "Community Talk 100.3" about Tri Sport Coaching. They have some great runs and training sessions in NM so check out their page, including a Bike Fit session for $75 and link to a free article on the bio mechanical analysis of pedal stroke.

They mentioned in their interview the high rate of asthma in inner city kids, particularly in Detroit, from pollution and low physical activity.  (On researching this issue, I also found household allergens, like mites, mold, and dust, and poverty/ poor nutrition, and little to no healthcare were also high factors, as well as pediatric stress caused by poverty, school changes or poor education, and job loss).  

Readers:  What are your thoughts on this growing prevalence of pediatric asthma?

Hit your runs early in the AM for cleanest air in NM.  The good news is, kids are becoming more involved in running events and have great pride setting distance and timed goals they can accomplish themselves.  I can't wait for my ACE Youth Fitness course I'll be taking in August; my 5 year old just mastered grapevines and towel hopping and wants to start weight training.  Eek!