My 5K Training: Day Eleven

Friday, April 22, 2011
Below is my Day 11 5k Training Run.

April 21: Rest
April 22: Run #11!

51 F
Sports Bra, 2 socks, black pants

5:30 AM: Yoga warm-up, 500 steps, for upper back/chest flexibility
5:45: Academy Trail, 7100 steps
  Speed: 5 mph hr up, 6.5 flat, 7 down, 6 mph flat
  40:48 mins, 3.75 miles
6:40: Cooldown, 200 steps
6:52: Stretch (Especially quads, back, neck)

Notes to Self
  • Tight R hip, no ab cramps, left knee/pelvis twinges
  • Tired legs from intervals on Wednesday 
  • Gearing up for Easter weekend; egg stuffing, cooking, cleaning

Readers: How was your Easter weekend?

Songs on My Playlist
Black Eyed Peas, Hey Mama
Paula Abdul, Will You Marry Me
Nora Jones, Come Away With Me