How Do You Decide What to Read?

Recently on Facebook I shared my trial to cut down on my shower time.  The main reason is that lately my "to read" pile is growing faster than I can keep up!  My 2 year old has quit napping and my 5 year old is two months from Kindergarten.  Luckily for the next blissful two weeks, I have 25 minutes of reading time at their combined City Pool swim lessons.

So I thought I'd ask you:  When do you love to read and what are you reading now?

Here is the list on my bedside:

When I see an interesting newly released book, I place a hold on it within my City library account.  Then the library sends me an email when the book is ready to pick up.  Often I put books back on to my "future reading list" and place it in the library return if I'm not keeping up, as you can see from the following...

A few of the books I wish to finish:
It is more unsettling to have a stack of unread books on my table than 3-4 I'm greatly enjoying at the moment.  I keep track of unfinished books I return when new ones come in by writing down the page number I stopped at and adding the unfinished book back on to my reading list.  And then there are all the magazines left unread around the house... that's a whole other story.

Readers: How do you decide what to read and when?