My 5K Training: Day Seven

Thursday, April 7, 2011
Below is my Day 7 5k Training Run.
This was a good week; although not running everyday, P90X workouts are going well:

April 3: Run #6
April 4: Kenpo
April 5: Cardio X/Ab Ripper
April 6: Yoga X

And today:
52 F, Thin shirt, sweats, 2 thick socks (need to wash laundry...)

5:30 AM: 8 animal crackers, 8 oz water
5:40: Levoxyl
6:05: Warm-Up
6:10-7:02: 41:27 Minutes, 3.6 miles, 7200 steps since 5:30 AM
   Down Loop, Soccer field x2, Up Loop, Down Loop
7:20: Shake, breakfast
7:26: It's RAINING OUTSIDE!  Great timing, phew!

Notes to Self

  • "Mother nature" is here, and I'm stressing about UNM Zumba fundraiser tomorrow
  • LOVE my running watch, timer/speed/distance are amazing
  • R leg pain, 1st mile
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