My 5K Training: Day Eight

Thursday, April 14, 2011
Below is my Day 8 5k Training Run.

Time to work out while traveling; luckily my dear Texas friend had gym passes for us!

April 8: P90X Shoulders/Arms and Ab Ripper X
April 9: P90X X Stretch
April 10: P90X Yoga X
April 11: Drive to Texas!
April 12: 24 Lift at 24 Hour Fitness, South Lake, TX
April 13: Zumba at 24 Hour Fitness, Keller, TX
April 14: Run #8!

68 F, 80% Humidity, 700 Ft Altitude; oh my wonderfully hydrated eyes and skin! Ahh!
Tank, run pants, 2 socks

5:45-6:10 AM: 5500 Steps North
   5 sprints, 40-60 steps with walks up to 6000 steps
6:20: 200 step cool down

Notes to Self
  • I felt so brave heading out to a nearby unknown park with a directions on a slip of paper, sight-unseen.  I was easily out of my mind but it was incredibly enjoyable.  Thank you, Google Maps!
  • I'm not buying any more black workout clothes: My husband made a good point about wearing bright clothes and reflector tape on myself while running. I was on a major road and it was PITCH BLACK outside; I have never felt so close to being road kill!
  • At the end of this park driveway toward the exit, I felt like I was jogging the road away from Forrest Gump's house, lined with trees and gravel.  "Run, Forrest, Run!"  It was stunning... beautiful.

Songs on My Playlist
Celine Dion, Taking Chances
Coldplay, Lovers In Japan


  1. I agree to an extent on the reflective clothes. The problem lies in the fact that when women sweat we sweat in the "girly area" and if you have grey or light colored pants it can quickly look like you peed yourself! Especially if you run hard, or in hot weather. This is one reason I ALWAYS buy black shorts/running pants. Jackets and tees can be colored but pants will always be black. I've been THAT girl in the pink shorts, that turned maroon in the crotch area once they got sweaty.
    This is also a great call for proper running pants and running shorts. The ones I buy are from champion (at target) and had a reflective stripe down the side. Worth paying extra for sure!

  2. Di, what a great comment! I'll hang on to my black pants for sure. Thanks for the Target tip as well!


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