The Dreaded To-Do: My War with a Stump

I despise those awful tasks waiting for me on my "Bad" To-Do list.  Those nasty things that need attention and work from us but we manage to transfer it to our new weekly task list only to have it go unchecked for months and months.... 

Mine includes removing stumps from our back yard.

What is the final straw, the last tipping point that makes us charge after those nasty tasks and finally get them done?  Perhaps a perfect storm: having or making time, skipping a workout for some stored physical energy, rallying positive voices in our head, channeling past experiences of accomplishment, saying "Enough already!" 

Having a bit of nice weather doesn't hurt either. 

Some days I wake up and tell myself, "Hey!  If you have time to go to a play date or watch Oprah, then you have time to get this thing done!" 

And then I don't shower until I spend at least one hour in the yard after that dirty job, and I stay outside hour after hour until I get it done. 

In order to keep my kids busy on this job, I gave them bucket after bucket of dirt from around the stump base and said "There's worms in here, can you find them?"  That game thankfully lasted two hours.

Their is an amazing feeling to be experienced on the other side: accomplishment.  Success!  Freedom!  Joy!  Elated Exhaustion!  And a huge deep breath and a hot shower before you decide to get back to your life, or maybe you rally your spirit to tackle the next Dreaded To-Do...

Readers: What is on your Bad To-Do list, and what motivates you to get it done?