What's For Breakfast?

I don't know about you, but I like one meal a day I don't have to think to hard about.
That's breakfast.

In our house, my husband and I work out 5:30-6:30 if possible.  The alarm goes off at 5, then we have some time to get our barrings, drink some water, move a bit, and get to it.  Then 6:30-7 is rush time to wash and dry before the kids are up and begging for breakfast and attention.  It was a battle to get them on board the 7 AM "you can come out of your room" schedule (about daily for 5 months), and they often peak out around 6:45, but we kept at it and it's working.

We used to be BIG cereal fans, but we sure felt terrible by 9 AM.  So we tried oatmeal instant flavored packets for a year.  Then that seemed too nutritionally weak, so we switched to Quick Cook oatmeal and added our own brown sugar and dried fruit (yum!)  Just recently I ate breakfast at a friend's house who ate the serious "whole oat, long-cooking time" Regular Oatmeal, and turns out it takes the SAME amount of time in the microwave as instant.  Try it, it's true!  

 So we bought Regular Oats and are adding it to the Quick Cook until the Quick is gone.  The kids seem to love oatmeal, and they sure act great all morning long without the sugar-cereal-induced tummy aches.

Once a week we turn into an Oatmeal-Breakfast processing plant in our kitchen, my husband and I with slightly different versions (his more fruit less sugar than mine).  But here is my current recipe:

1/4 cup Quick Cook Oats
1/4 cup Regular Oats
1 T light brown sugar
1 T dried fruit

Once made ahead, we grab one container in the morning.  Then we dump it into a microwave-safe bowl, add water until it's slightly above the oats and stir.  Microwave for 60 to 90 seconds, add milk to cool, and voila!  Ready to eat.  If I exercised prior to breakfast, I include a protein shakes (mine is 8 ounces 1% milk with 1/2 serving powdered Muscle Milk Chocolate, shake in a bottle and drink.)

For the occasional breakfast I also love great leftovers like home-made lasagna, our breakfast burritos, and the Costco Multigrain pancake mix.  If I haven't exercised and am not too hungry, I go for yogurt with 1 tsp sweet coconut and 1 T super nutty granola.

What do you eat for breakfast?  Share your recipes in the comments below!
 Or:  How much AM time do you have and how do you like to spend it?


  1. I love adding the frozen blueberries to oatmeal because it cools it off so fast and you get the fruit! Alas, we are a cold cereal family for the most part because it doesn't require any time to cool something down or make!

  2. I've recently upgraded this recipe: 1/2 cup real oats, 1/2 T brown sugar, 1 T dried fruit, 2 dashes cinnamon, 1 T ground flax seed. Still my favorite morning meal. :D The flax adds healthy fat and protein; the cinnamon flavor decreases the need for brown sugar and the kitchen smells great when it's cooking. Yummy!


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