My 5K Training: Day Six

Sunday, April 3, 2011
Below is my Day 6 5k Training Run, with notes only that differ from Day One.

55 F, Thin shirt, sweats, 2 thick socks (need to wash laundry...)

3.01 Mile Baseline
6:00 AM: Levoxyl, water
6:35: 8 crackers, water, Warm up
6:42: Becca waved from her bedroom window (ahh!), awesome sunrise
7:12: 3.01 miles, 31:29 minutes
   Down/Up .5 mile, .7 mile soccer field x3, Down/Flat .4 mile
7:20: .4 mile cooldown, walking Up hill

Notes to Self
  • 1 mile sore heels, 1.4 mile ab cramp, 2.5 mile sore knees
  • Get up earlier and set timer to go!!!
  • Prep running things before bed: water, shoes, notes
  • Sun is coming, I need a haircut to stay cool.
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