My 5K Training: Day Five

Thursday, March 31, 2011
Below is my Day 5 5k Training Run, with notes only that differ from Day One.

47 F, Too hot: Gloves, jacket, sweat pants
Weight: 117.5 lbs

3.08 Mile Steady Pace Run
Levoxyl, 10 Smiths Animal crackers, 4 oz water, Warm up
6:46-7:18: 3.08 Miles, 32:53 minutes
   Up/Down .5 mile, .7 mile soccer field x3, Down/Up .5 mile
7:25: Walking Cooldown
7:30: Water

Notes to Self
  • I finally bought NEW $2.50 Maxell EarBuds at Walmart, what took me so long?
  • I'm also borrowing John's Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Watch; it displays time, distance, pace, and a running timer.  You can also wear the Heart Rate Monitor chest strap; I probably will when it gets hot outside.
  • I missed the pretty sunrise: need to leave earlier and hydrate more
  • I forgot to reset my pedometer before starting.  Good thing I had the running watch!
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    1. Is there such a thing as a swimming watch timer? It's hard to time myself with the clock on the wall and goggles on my face.

    2. Their must be a watch proof version, but I imagine that would be hard to see as well...


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