My 5K Training: Day Four

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Below is my Day 4 5k Training Run, with notes only that differ from Day One.

I should note my run altitude is 5400 feet.

44 F, Brooks shoes with inserts, White pants (so cars can see me)
8 animal crackers, 6 oz water
No sore spots, yay!

3 Miles Total
6:30 AM: Warm Up (Bad: Too Quick)
6:35-7:08: 2.97 miles, 5300 steps, 33 minutes
   Up Down .5 mile loop
   .7 Flat Soccer field x2 (1.4 mile)
   1.07 mileWide Down/Up/Flat loop
7:08-7:22: Cool down

Notes to Self
  • Start earlier!
  • Warm Up well (R neck/shoulder cramp during cool down, 7:22)
  • Drink water soon after
  • Cool down: Stretch with P90X on alternate run days?
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