Mini-Workout: April Fool's Day!

 Here are some silly fitness gags and games to kick your April off on a high note! 
Be warnedThose around you require a sense of humor…

Creative Travel: Tip-toe like a ballerina, skip and gallop like a cowboy, move in slow motion, or shrink down and move as if the ceiling is low.  Play this with your kids while you run errands or when walking to and from offices at work.

Shadow Box, with Your Shadow:  This works great if you have a lamp with an adjustable neck to aim at yourself toward a wall.  Air box for a few minutes, hooking your elbow blocks and throwing punches and jab/crosses at your shadow.  Take care that you don’t actually hit the wall...  Ouch.

Answer Your Phone with the Opposite Hand-to-Ear:  This is a great Triceps Stretch; take your right hand with the phone receiver over your head and hold it to your left ear.  Plus it’s great fun to watch others' reactions if you work in cubicles with low walls.

And an April Fool’s Game:
Pick a word often said, such as a kid saying “milk,” and link an activity to it, such as "5 jumping jacks" that you perform when you hear the word.  If your friends or coworkers say “Hello,” do 3 squats; if someone asks for the "Restroom," run in a two-foot circle twice.   See if they can figure out the secret word by the end of the day.  Recruit others to play by sending emails with different words and corresponding tasks to different people.  Get extremely fun and creative by giving Party City prizes when you catch people participating, such as bouncy balls, spinning tops, etc.

Wishing you an active and antic-filled April’s Fools Day!
Laugh more, live more.  XOXO - Megan