Inside Zumba: How to Join the Party!

Why should you try Zumba?  "It's not like a workout," explained Diane Walterstiel, 55, of Alpharetta.  "Before I come, I'm tense, but when I leave, I could kiss the world." 

The Zumba organization believes you should find joy in your classes as you move freely and confidently in your own body, whatever size, shape or age you might be.  There are no comparisons to be made and no class levels to achieve, other than your own personal fitness goals.

And that is why we are inspired to share Zumba!

So here are some tips and inside knowledge on Zumba
that will help you prepare to "Join the Party" this week:

1. LevelsZumba has colored icons for various class types.  The Green logo is a public call to join in a dance fitness party.  You will also find Purple for Zumba Toning (strengthening), Blue for Aqua Zumba, Red and Gold for Zumbatonic (for kids age 4-12), and Orange for Zumba Gold (slower for beginners or those with physical incapacities).  It takes two to three sessions for most people to start feeling comfortable.

Zumba is a dance fitness-class, not a dance class.  No dance experience necessary, but you need a great attitude and willingness to have fun.  Class is built for beginners to advanced so go at your own pace and only be concerned with your abilities and health.”

2. Dress:  Wear clothes that make you feel beautiful, don’t chaufe, and layers that wick sweat.  Put on your waterproof makeup and dress to feel your best.  Zumba Fitness New Jersey says "Your self image is important."  Bring a towel for the sweaty calorie-burning and a water bottle to stay hydrated.  Do remove excess jewelry.  Shoes with low treads are required (aerobic, dance, cross trainers) to prevent knee torque and allow for safe pivoting, or turning on the ball of your foot; treads on running shoes are too deep and overly grip the floor.

3. MusicInstructor Melissa Marcketta shares in her Zumba music blog:  "The usual music arrangement for Zumba class is setup with 2 to 3 warm-up songs, 7 to 10 for the real workout, and 1 to 2 for the cool down.  The numbers will vary depending on the instructor and the length of each song... the newest Zumba Fitness CD called Party Nation has many different songs, a hodgepodge of dance music.  In other Zumba CDs they use music from Belly Dancing, Tango, Country, Rock 'n Roll, and the Twist.  You will find those Zumba® songs in the CD called Cardio Party."

4. Moves:  This great blog from Faith Watson is about how to follow the instructor: “Zumba is choreographed to provide several different fitness elements without requiring too much explanation or technique...  The four basic steps in Zumba classes are merenge, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton.”  She advises you to mirror your instructor and follow their pace and intensity.  “For quick dances, make your steps smaller and don't try to add arms until you have the footwork down.”  She adds don’t be shy, really move your hips, and you will have a super-effective workout no matter what you miss or master in class.

5. Nutrition: On Burning More Calories - "If you are into Zumba to become fit and lean, you want to support the exercise program with a reasonable diet too...  you may need to consume some dried fruit or cut veg just before going to a Zumba workout.  Drinking water and consuming healthy carbs like oatmeal will keep you energized."

Special Thanks
To the Zumba Organization and all the wonderful authors and instructors
that have shared their knowledge regarding Zumba within the links above.


  1. Awesome! I feel more prepared & excited.

  2. Fantastic! I'm so glad, hope it helps others join the party too! :D


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