Goodies for Easter Baskets

In chatting with my friends this week and wishing all a Happy Easter, we've been discussing the stuffings of our Easter baskets for our kids.  Baskets from "The Bunny" are a huge party of my husband's childhood, much like stuffings from Santa Claus on Christmas.  But with my husband and I increasingly health-conscious as we work to be more athletic, I thought I'd share the content list of our $20 baskets this year:

(Shh!  Don't tell my kids I help the Big Bunny!)

Everyone's Basket
Large air/foam darts to chase each other in the yard with.
New music instruments: My 5 yr old has been wanting a guitar, Hobby Lobby had one in a three pack for $1.50 with a whistle and recorder.
Regular Jelly Beans
Gold chocolate coins for our kids, because they love them!

My Husband
SPF 15 Lotion: he loves but can't ever find
A Heavy Resistance Band: to mix up his fourth round of P90X
A water spray bottle: for ironing, because the old one broke.
An LED flashlight: because our kids have broken all of ours.

Bunny-Eared Popsicle molds: we love to freeze have a batch of smoothies in the summer
Nail files, Sewing brush and seam ripper, and a travel lint roller
(things on my list I keep forgetting to get.)
A Medium Resistance Band: because I'm also wanting a P90X mix-up.

Our 5 Year-Old
New Pet Shop toothbrushes
Two 2 lb. Handweights:  You're laughing; she's going to exstatic!
(She's been trying our 3 lb. weights since she was 3 years old; it is time.)

Our 2 Year-Old
A watercolor paint set

Happy Easter Everyone!
Readers: What's in your Easter basket?

Note: All product links above are same items I purchased except the hand weights and resistance bands, as a match was not available.  The bands linked above were the highest ranked on Amazon, ours were purchased at Target.


  1. Maybe I'll actually plan little gifts next time! We usually just got candy and my parents didn't do easter baskets for themselves. The boys got a small chocolate bunny (which I thought was hollow but found out it's no! A whole lot more chocolate than I wanted for them but oh well), a Cadbury egg (cause those were my favorite thing as a kid) speckled jelly beans, normal jelly beans, big sidewalk chalk, and different kinds of chocolate. You know, the kind at the store that has chocolate eggs and bunnies and coins. Carly got a little stuffed chick, an empty egg, and the chalk "holder" because she won't be able to eat it! :)


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